Planning and Buying

Streamline merchandise management through intelligent planning and buying powered by advanced algorithms. Empower planners to optimize store-level inventory mix, even to intricate design-level style attributes.


Increase in in-season full-price sell-through


Reduction in inventory with reduced discounts


Increase in revenue with improved margin


L2L growth in full-price revenue


Simplify merchandise planning & buying with intelligent algorithms

Style attribute grouping

Core and topseller style identification

True ROS (Rate of Sale)

Optimum depth and width

True size set ratio

Value we add

  • Uncover true style potential through data rationalization
  • Create DNA of every store to mirror true demand
  • Identify NOOS – sustained top sellers and core styles
  • Automate Reordering and Store- style level buy across drops
  • Analyze sales, revenue, discounts, size cuts, and more for an optimal assortment

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